Military Families

We are proud to be a Distinguished Purple Star School! Families of active military and veterans are welcome here at Carver, and we understand your family experience may be different than the average family.  We are here to support you!  Here is some information that may be helpful to your transition to our area.

Planning your arrival to Carver College and Career Academy

  • Carver is an application-only school, and the first step is to submit an application on our school website here. Students typically need to register at their home district high school before coming to Carver Academy.  However, if you are coming to us during the middle of the school year, you may not have to register at your school.  Contact the School Counseling Technician, Heidi Hayes, at (804) 768-6156 for questions about registration.

Preparing your transfer from your former educational institution

  • Please have your former institution fax or mail all educational documents to the School Counseling Department. Our fax number is (804) 768-6171.

Academic Planning

  • The academic schedule at Carver is different than the surrounding high schools.  While other schools take seven classes all year long, we are on what is called a 4×4 system.  We take four classes in the fall and begin four new classes in the spring.  If your previous educational institution was also on the 4×4 schedule, Carver may be a smooth transition to Chesterfield County Public Schools.

  • Students will meet with their school counselor to discuss their academic schedule.  We will try our best to accommodate your previous classes with our classes here if you are moving during the middle of the year.  

  • Please explore our academies under the Specialty Center tab on our website for an explanation of most (but not all) of our elective courses.  We call them academies because our goal is for students to gain knowledge, experience, and hopefully a certification within their area of interest.

  • There are two types of diplomas in Virginia.  One is a standard diploma and one is an advanced studies diploma

  • If you are looking for home instruction, please see click here.

  • Any accommodations from previous institutions will be met and possibly updated, if necessary, by our Special Education Department. For information about Special Education in Chesterfield County, please click here

Preparing for transfer from Carver College and Career Academy

  • Make sure to turn in your CCPS issued Chromebook and to pay any fees associated with completed classes, if necessary. 

  • It may be wise to let your teachers know when you are leaving!  All of your current grades should follow you to your new school, so make sure you have assignments turned in for the best grade possible. 

  • Please have your next school request all educational documents from our School Counseling Department with your new start date at (804) 768-6156.  Our fax number is (804) 768-6171.

Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Families

Additional Resources for Military Families